Hardwood Flooring: How Should You Choose the Right One for Your Home?

During renovation or new home construction, numerous decisions need to be made by homeowners to ensure the property looks beautiful, appealing, and remains comfortable for living. One such decision is the choice of flooring. A homeowner has several flooring choices, even they can choose between carpet and terrazzo, but we recommend them for Hardwood Floor Installation.


Wooden floors significantly transform your home’s appearance, letting you echo your unique taste and personality. It’s worth investing in these floorings as they are durable that works for generations. Furthermore, one can easily maintain its beauty by following a few Care and Maintenance Tips.


Well, selecting the right hardwood floor can be a confusing task as there are a lot of options available. And, to let go of your clouds of confusion, here we are providing some factors/considerations that you need to understand. Have a look-


First of all, make sure not all hardwood flooring is created equal. If you think, wooden floors can be selected only on the basis of its appearance, then you are wrong! Beyond color and textures, you should also focus on its Performance factor. However, both the attributes go hand in hand. Here are some important considerations that you should focus on.


Choosing Hardwood Flooring


●  Select Solid or Engineered Flooring


Conventional pattern refers to the hardwood flooring that comes in thick planks of solid timber. Presently, solid hardwood is still widely available, but engineered flooring is the most demanding nowadays. Most companies offer engineered flooring. It is planks made with a thinner top layer of hardwood, bonded to other layers to ensure better stability. Such floors are less prone to deformation due to changes in humidity and temperature level.


Engineered flooring also has an installation advantage, especially for basements and apartments with concrete subfloors. It can be glued directly to subfloors made of concrete. Also, it can be glued over a soundproofing mat. This floor type is also suitable for installation over radiant heat.


● Choosing Prefinished or Site Finish


When it comes to Hardwood Floor Installation in Naperville, you’ve to choose between prefinished or site-finished floors. Let’s discuss both options in brief. Site finish means you get a raw face that gets finished by a professional after the installation process on the site itself. This option appeals to many homeowners as well as designers because of a wide range of customization options available. And when we talk about prefinished, it arrives with the stain and top-coating already applied by the manufacturer in its factory. Prefinished flooring takes less time to install, because there’s no need to apply color or sealant. The advantage of prefinished wood is that you know exactly what you’re getting.


These two points will help you make the right buying decision. Once you have chosen your wooden floor, it’s time to pick the right finishing option (oil-based or water-based). Let’s discuss these both in brief.


Oil-based wood finishes dry slowly and have a strong aroma. It’s easy to apply using a brush. Whereas, water-based finishes last longer, are less smelling, non-hazardous, and will dry almost in an hour. At Big Bro Hardwood, we offer eco-friendly water-based polyurethanes that provide a natural appearance and good protection to the wood floors.


If you’ve any questions popping in your head related to Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Naperville, do not let your mind juggle more. Just contact Big Bro Hardwood at (630) 418 4139. Our experts will help you understand everything in details. For years, we are providing homeowners with top-class wood floor installation, repair, and refinishing services. Our excellent craftsmanship will let your floors last longer.