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Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance Tips

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Hardwood floor installation in Naperville has become the trendiest way to embrace timeless beauty and elegance in your home. It significantly enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal that is admired by everyone visiting your premises. However, to let your floor’s natural beauty shine for years, it’s imperative to take proper care and ensure regular maintenance of it. This is the crucial step to protect your investment and prolong its life.

Here are the prudent tips to maintain your hardwood floor in its pristine condition. Have a look-

Daily Cleaning Schedule – Some Pro Tips

A regular dusting with a broom, mop or soft cloth will keep your hardwood floors look shiny. But, how often you have to perform this chore totally depends on the daily traffic your floors have to deal with. It is always best to use a mop with a microfiber head as it uses static electricity to trap specks of dust, grime, and other allergens.

Here are some quick preventive measures to protect floors and cut down the cleaning time.

  • Wipeout spills immediately using a slightly damp mop. Don’t let liquids to stand on your floors for a long as it can damage the wood surface.
  • It is good to place protective mats in the entryways and high traffic areas to lessen track-in dust and debris and reduce scratches.
  • Remove footwear outside, especially those with spiked or damaged heels to prevent scratches in hardwood. Handle any sharp object with extreme care.
  • To prevent scratches on the wooden floor, use floor protectors on furniture and place rugs in the play area to ensure toys won’t damage the floor.
  • Do not roll or slide heavy objects across the wood floor.
  • Hardwood floor installation in Aurora is a big investment! To make sure these floors remain for long years, always get the best cleaning tools and products.

Weekly Vacuum Cleaning

Once a week, use a vacuum to eliminate dirt, especially from the areas which are hard to reach. Don’t use a vacuum with bristle bar attachment as it can scratch your hardwood floor. In addition, you can also use a damp mop and natural wood floor cleaners to wipe away dirt and debris without damaging your floor’s finish. If you are not sure about the right cleaning product for your floor, consult your floor installation service provider. They will recommend a specific cleaner to use on your floors.

Pro-tip: Never use wet or steam mops as they can damage the finish and cause wood to swell or shrink.

Consider Refinishing in Every 3-5 Years

Over time, if you find your hardwood floor starts to look a little dull, then you can restore its shine with the best hardwood floor refinishing in Naperville. Yes, refinishing can fill deep scratches, remove unwanted marks, and help you revive your floors. In fact, the sanding and refinishing process gives you the chance to alter the color of your flooring with stain.

For sanding and finishing, you should choose the service provider who uses the latest technology to provide dust-free finishing and the best products to accentuate the beauty of the wood. These days, eco-friendly water-based polyurethanes are becoming so popular as they provide a clear finish and good protection, have low odor, and dry quickly.

Follow these easy maintenance tips and keep your hardwood floors looking and performing at its best for generations.

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