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Remember That Stains Are The Hardest Part of The Finishing Process

Things in staining wood floors can go wrong if the people you hire do not know what they’re doing or if they do not have the skills and patience to get it right. A professionally colored floor requires a lot of time and attention because it includes special techniques. For these reasons, many people avoid offering services of wood floor staining. Would you like to stain your new or freshly painted wood floors? Big Bro Hardwood offers many shades of wood stain. When looking at stains, it is very important to understand that the stain does not have to be completely uniform like the paint.


The beauty of the spots is that the place is not uniform and is recorded differently in the different grains of the wood. Understanding how stains affect your wood species is very important. While oak floors take stains fairly evenly, other harder woods do not absorb so many stains or the structure of their grain can stain dark spots in some areas. This is especially true for woods such as maple and birch.


We are very proud of the superior results we can achieve with our stained floors. In fact, over 95% of our customers choose to stain their floors and everyone loves what happened. If you decide to opt for wood floor staining, Approach us! We are sure that you will love the new image your floors will have.

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