High-quality, Affordable Hardwood Floor Installation and Refinishing in Aurora


Hardwood floors are aesthetically appealing as well as durable too! If you’re looking to install these ravishing floors in your contemporary home, approach Big Bro Hardwood. We are expert wood floor installers, specializes in unfinished, pre-finished, and engineered Hardwood Floor Installation in Aurora. Not only installation, but we also offer amazing refinishing & repair services to maintain your floor’s beauty.  We are fully-equipped to handle even the most complex installation project & help you achieve the elegance you’ve always dreamed of.

Once the hardwood floor is installed, we equip each client with care information and product recommendations to help them maintain their floor’s beauty for years to come. Some of the common maintenance practices are mentioned below-


  • Protect hardwood floor from heavy furniture — Fix felt pads or wheels underneath the sofa & table legs
  • Take off your heels & spike shoes before stepping in
  • Use entry mats
  • Trim your pets’ nails regularly to prevent scratches.  


To know more about how to maintain hardwood floors, click here.


We are a prominent installation & refinishing company that has earned an outstanding reputation within the Aurora hardwood flooring industry that speaks for itself. Backed by years of experience, we can say our workmanship is unmatchable, of high standards, and will surely delight our customers.  



Effective Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services


If your wooden floor starts showing its age, it’s high time to call professionals like us! We have high-grade tools & required skills to bestow top-class Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Aurora that will help you revive your wooden floors. We use safe, eco-friendly, and high-quality products to complete the refinishing job & make sure our clients remain happy and satisfied with the work we’d done.


If you’ve any queries or don’t know whether we can help you or not, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be happy to answer all your questions. 



Hardwood floors require even subfloor for a successful installation. For concrete slabs, you can install engineered hardwood as it is less likely to swell and contract due to excessive moisture. 

Well, there is no particular answer to this question. Each type has its own pros and cons, like multi-layered engineered hardwood has high-performance qualities, whereas solid hardwood can be screened and refinished more frequently. It’s ultimately your choice of preference. 

Yes, you can install a hardwood floor in the kitchen, but be cautious while using the floor. Kitchens are prone to liquid spills, which can cause wood swelling or damage the floor finish. So wipe up the spills immediately with a slightly damp mop. 

Yes, you can install wooden floors even if you’ve pets in your home. But be sure to trim the pet’s claws regularly to prevent scratches on the floors. 

If possible, please shift the large pieces of furniture to any other room. Our team can clear the remaining mess before beginning with the installation work.  

You can walk on the prefinished floors right after it’s installed, but for site-finished floors, you need to wait until the next day or easy traffic after 4 hours. Fully curing time would be 5 days.

Usually, you do not need to do it for 10 years but you can choose to refinish if there are lots of visible scratches, boards are turning gray, water stains, fading and discoloration.  

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