Top- Class Wood Floor Repair & Installation – Big Bro Hardwood

Regardless of the cause or extent of the damage, the highly skilled craftsmen of Big Bro Hardwood are available for repair. They will go to your home or business to make a thorough assessment and determine the extent of damage, i.e. How many tables need to be replaced? What kind of wood is needed and how much does the work cost? Hardwood floor repair is usually required when a floor’s boards become:

  • Break
  • Cracked
  • Deforming
  • Broken
  • Burnt
  • Stained
  • Water damaging or termites damaging


All these cannot be repaired with standard equipment. Repair work is also needed if a plank is missing after a wall has been detached or if a hole in the heater needs to be covered. Until the customer removes their carpets or varnishes their floors, damaged wood boards may not be visible in some cases.


For wood floor repair, we usually use new, untreated wood that has been carefully selected to match your existing floor. If you have an older floor, we use older wood, which makes it more suitable for the size, character of the surrounding wood as well as grain. In any case, we will remove the damaged planks and then cut the new boards to replace them. Once these new planks are in place, we will repaint all or just the new wood planks and old surrounding soil before applying the right stain for long-lasting and beautifully combined results.


At Big Bro Hardwood, you always get honest advice from hardwood flooring experts. We only recommend Hardwood floor repair that are in the best interest of our customers, but ultimately deviate from the wishes of our customers. Whether you want to replace two or a hundred plunks, we offer unbeatable service and exceptional craftsmanship for repairing high-quality wood floors.

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