Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing

Hardwood Floor Installation: Get Some Valuable Insights

Many times one comes across the floors in our bungalows, residential palaces, houses, and workplaces that lose their sheen. Numerous people enter the places and leave their footprints which leads to marks and scratches. Often there are things that are to be shifted on and off. Relying on the floor for several years makes things go haywire. Tough weather conditions, accumulation of dirt, and the presence of rodents add to the misery of having uncouth floors.

These need to be polished or refurbished at the earliest so that they are easy on the eyes, possess a luminous shine and are a pleasure to walk on.

Several people possess an orientation towards equipping their houses or offices with the best range of floors. They are often awestruck by the designs, patterns, and floor textures that would complement their décor.

When it comes to renovating their houses, they are cautious and always choose the company that offers them an impeccable service at a reasonable cost. Such folks are tickled pink on being provided with the best of both worlds.

The Evolution of the Flooring Trends

All across the globe, people have different connotations of an ideal floor. They have made changes to their living spaces to suit their needs and have evolved with time.

Witnessed an unparalleled shift with the changing times

Over the past few years, the wood flooring trends have undergone a sea change. People with different aesthetic sensibilities choose floors that are a blend of different colors and surfaces. They choose comfort over style and ensure that these floors are easy to maintain and move on effortlessly.

From the early 1970s till the dawn of the twenty-first century, people used red oak and blond-colored flooring. A few home dwellers preferred wooden floors to give some character to their interiors.

Marking the progression of the 2010 decade, people used shiny floors with sparkling colors to come across as elite. Some folks made use of the Tuscan brown and rust-colored floor to accentuate the look of their houses.

As we forayed into the 2020 decade, people experimented with the flooring style. They made use of floors that were specially engineered using an oak white matte finish.

Nowadays, flooring companies manufacture different wooden planks made of sustainable and organic products that remain intact, do not develop cracks or holes, and survive the test of time.

Reasons one should go in for hardwood floor installation

Makes one spoilt for choice

Hardwood floor installation in Orland Park offers a wide range of options to amplify the interiors, ensure a spectacular atmosphere, and light up the room. One can opt for solid, engineered, bamboo, cork, and laminate flooring.

In today’s times, plenty of homeowners prefer bamboo flooring because it is naturally resistant to pests and insects. You do not have to spend hours scrubbing the floor and removing the debris or dust trapped in the innermost corners of the room.

Also, it takes away the stress of sprinkling solutions and deadly powders to keep away pests and poisonous insects.

The floor installation process does not require much maintenance and can be cleaned easily with tested methods.

● Requires the services of adept flooring professionals

While installing the floor, there is a set of guidelines that should be paid heed to. It is always better to hire flooring professionals who can do the work in a jiffy.

A well-leveled floor is easy to work on. Remove all the debris and make sure that there are no cracks or loopholes that might make the flooring look uneven and out of place. A flooring nailer can make things a lot easier.

You can keep the floor dry and remove all the mold that can develop because of increased humidity levels. Instruct the floor men to work on a dry surface that will facilitate their work.

While installing the planks, ensure that all the pieces are laid out meticulously. There are no irregularities as far as the layout is concerned. Cut the planks uniformly and see whether the measurements are on point.

The transitional elements are installed meticulously by the people who mold the pieces and do the glue work immaculately. Innate details matter a lot while creating floors that make up the base of any building.

Is extremely reasonable

It is important to embellish the floor using a wide range of sustainable products. The process of accentuating the floor costs less. Moreover, a new floor draws the attention of the guests and looks more inviting.

Allows considerable space

Apart from this, new floors make good use of the space and allow room for people to move around joyfully. The engineered wooden planks make the interiors look big. The ergonomic design, along with the sophisticated look, elevates the area that might encapsulate more things.

Having said that, the impeccable positioning of the planks creates a visually appealing look that provides more surface area.

Happens to be a worthwhile investment

It improvises the ambiance and adds a spark to the rooms. Investing in high-quality floors has always been a worthwhile pursuit.

Offers an impressive range of flooring designs

The engineered wide plank flooring provides a plethora of options for people to choose from. Dark and modern styles can complement the décor.

Is awfully durable

The maple, cherry, and oak floors have a long shelf life. These can be installed at competitive prices and do not slip. The anti-skid feature makes them highly preferable.

Besides this, these floors can absorb heat and can keep the interiors cool during the scorching heat and warm in the brass monkey weather.

If one draws a parallel with carpeted flooring, solid ones do not trap germs and bacteria and are more hygienic.

Ways to combat the problems of scratches and gouges on the floor – refinishing or replacement options

The options of refinishing and replacement often cross one’s mind. A high-quality wooden floor can be refinished about eight times before being replaced.

One can always change the stain color, replace the planks, and fill in the gaps or holes.

A close analysis of the refinishing process

Refinishing means sanding up the topmost layer of the floor and applying fresh stain, polyurethane solution, and lacquer over the existing wood. The procedure makes the floor look as good as new.

Moreover, these have a luminous sheen that illuminates the lighting. The dullness of the floors, black spots, and grease can be removed with the procedure. The refinishing process helps preserve the quality of the wood, bamboo, or any other substance that is used to set it.

Before beginning the refinishing process, one must clean the room and seal it around the corners. This prevents the sand from being carried away and getting deposited in the nooks and corners after being dusted off.

Interestingly, there are umpteen floor refinishing polishes available in the market. These finishes encapsulate red mahogany, purital pine, rosewood, and driftwood that add depth to the floor, making it look surreal.

A variety of finishes can also be used to change the color of the floor if one does not want to opt for replacement.

Delving deeper into the floor refinishing companies

Hardwood floor refinishing in Wheaton provides people with a great deal of choice. With time, one encounters different problems, such as developing scratches, crumbling planks, and swollen boards.

The company pays special attention to the fact that asthmatic people do not develop allergies to the finishes that are used in the process.

The company offering Hardwood floor refinishing in Bolingbrook employs a highly adept team of flooring professionals who make use of smart items to carry out the refinishing process.

The process includes the use of dustless technology while sanding and applying the coats after the previous one has dried. With exemplary cutting-edge technology and expertise, the agency provides economical floor solutions.

Moreover, Hardwood floor refinishing in Buffalo Grove involves the use of wood stains over the floors. These products enrich the quality of the wood and help it sustain extreme weather conditions. The pest-resistant feature keeps rodents and insects from invading the home at bay.

Besides this, the wood stains and solutions have a pleasant fragrance and do not emit a strong odor that might choke one to death.

hardwood floor installation in Burr Ridge - Big Bro Hardwood

When is it the time to consider floor replacement?

If the floors have structural damage and have been exposed to liquids that have deteriorated the condition, then you must go in for floor replacement.

The refinishing procedures, if done numerous times, tend to sabotage the quality of the floor. In some situations, home dwellers are unsatisfied with the direction of the planks and their uneven width.

The areas where people walk often are laden with prints and irremovable marks. This tends to make them rely on the floor replacement procedure.

After the installation of the new floor, it is important to take care of it. One can avoid walking on the surface by wearing pointed heels that can leave deep marks. Using hardwood floor vacuums can extract the dirt that gets accumulated over time. Apart from this, putting a doormat at the entrance prevents mud from getting in the house after an incessant downpour or sandstorm.

Should you rely on a wood floor installation company?

While selecting a company for the floor installation and refinishing process, one has tonnes of questions.

What are the pros of considering a floor installation company?

These flooring agencies work methodically and cater to the housing needs of the people. Through a stroke of luck, these gain recognition. If the workers adhere to the protocols, they can work wonders.

All one needs is impeccable customer service, a great work ethic, and the ability to multitask and devise strategic ways to deliver the task. The professionals are a phone call away and provide prompt responses to the questions posed by the people. The companies ensure that people possess a high standard of living.

What are the pricing concerns of such companies?

The flooring companies do not charge the moon. These ask for competitive prices that are present in the market. Also, the agencies advise people to spend wisely and keep abreast of the latest trends in the field of floor installation.

Summing it up, the floor installation and refinishing procedures are paramount to the houses, maisonettes, and workplaces that embellish their look. People opt for getting their floor refurbished and making it look as good as new. The flooring professionals make use of sustainable, eco-friendly products and ensure that the luminous sheen of the floors remains intact. The flooring companies go the extra mile in providing the people with the best customer service and flooring work to sparkle the interiors.


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