Add Shine To Your Wood Floors And Keep It Long Lasting With Refinishing

We all are aware of the fact that hardwood floors can last for generations, right? However, to maintain this forever kind of beauty and comfort, one requires a little effort. Yes, basic daily cleaning and polishing the floor every five or six months can be an excellent way by which you can keep your floors in a pristine condition. But if we think a little more – what can be done to achieve that newness on the floor again after years of its installation, then the only option you have is hardwood floor refinishing in Naperville. Some of you would be familiar with this procedure, but some of you would not, so do not worry; we are here to guide you all about refinishing.

Hardwood floor refinishing is the procedure by which we can extend the life span of the floors, and it is far better than getting a full replacement of the floor because of being cost-effective and eco-friendly. If you get bored of seeing that same floor look again and again and want an upgradation of your floor, there would be nothing better than refinishing as it can give your floor an entirely new look, with much slighter struggle and inconvenience.

What do you understand about wood floor refinishing?

Hardwood floor refinishing means reconstructing the floor. Finishing is applied to the foremost layer of hardwood plank that acts as a defensive barrier and protects the main bond from damage. When you give the refinishing to the floor, you are going to remove your floor finish completely and settle down a new finishing layer. During the procedure of sanding, damages such as minor dents and scratches can also be removed.

How frequently can you refinish your floor?

There is no particular answer to this question. It completely depends on which kind of wood you have and how much wear it experiences. There are many floors that show age almost after 10 years, but some floors that get so much pedestrian traffic may require to be refinished as soon as possible.

As we read in the first paragraph, floor refinishing is something that can give your floor a  new and fresh appearance but let us clear one thing, frequent refinishing can diminish the look of the floor. It should be done only when it is required. Now, how would you tell when it is the ideal time to refinish your hardwood floors? You are going to find the answer to this question in the next topic. So, continue reading!

How do you get to know the ideal time to refinish the wood floor? 

So look for the following signs to know when you need to refinish your floor –

1. Numerous Deep Gouges or Scratches: The appearance of distressed hardwood flooring is recently getting more popular, which can be seen in the different farmhouse looks and other designs of contemporary rooms. Although, there is the variation between “distressed” and “scratched.” The former is deliberate, even using wire brushing to produce a unified appearance. Actual scratches can affect the integrity of the sealant of your floor and make it unprotected from damage due to moisture. If you observe these sorts of scratches or gouges in some specific areas, then this is a signal for you to refinish your floor.

2. Discoloration of the floor: If there is natural sunlight gushing in from the window onto your hardwood floor on a daily basis, those certain spots may turn into sun-bleached or faded colors. Although this is not a serious cause of damage, it does result in an inconsistent color pattern. If you observe that some specific spot or area of your floor is turning a dull, gray hue, then this can be a sign of damage. In that scenario, you will need to refinish your floor to maintain color consistency and give your floor a robust protection.

3. Dulled finish: There are so many varieties of looks that hardwood floor finishes offer, including satin, glossy, matte, or brushed. Apart from your floor’s style, after a while, you may notice the finish beginning to appear dull in certain areas. This will result in an inconsistent appearance that makes your floor shabby and nasty. Refinishing can help your floor get back to its former sheen.

Which type of hardwood refinishing best suits your floor?

Well, the fundamentals of what you need to know about hardwood floor refinishing have already been covered in the above paragraphs, now let’s discuss which kind of hardwood floor refinishing should we choose when we decide to do floor refinishing. It is time to dive into different kinds of floor refinishing. Here we go!

1. Water-Based Polyurethane: It is one of the foremost kinds of refinishing that is massively popular and has become a choice of many homeowners. It dries faster, as a result, you can apply so many coats comfortably in one day. Even though, when you first apply it, it looks milky in texture but dries out in just a few hours. Plus, it is an eco-friendly option that offers good protection to your floors.

2. Oil-Based Polyurethane: There are many homeowners that are dealing with a lot of foot traffic and intend to cut costs. An oil-based polyurethane is the way to go. Various commercial enterprises and owners of rental properties prefer this kind of refinishing as it is resistant and long-lasting; it means it won’t need to be changed on a frequent basis, and it can be maintained easily; all you have to do is sweep and wipe the dirt away with a damp sponge.

3. Acid cure: The acid-cured finish is something that is the most long-lasting refinishing choice on the market. It offers a shiny, enduring finish and are resistant to chemical impairment, scrapes, and scuffs. It also dries faster so that you can relish your floors on the spot. If you have fascinating wood floors or wood with intricate designs, acid-cured refinishing is endorsed by flooring professionals.

4. Moisture-cure urethane: Just as acid cure finish, moisture-cure urethane is extremely lasting. It was created initially for bowling alleys. Ultimately, it clears its way into houses and different commercial enterprises. Pros of utilizing this finish is high shine, dry within one to two hours, and moisture-resistant.

5. Aluminum oxide: Are you looking for the most long-lasting hardwood floor refinishing? Look only at an aluminum oxide finish. Aluminum oxide is an intrinsically occurring mineral that delivers a tough coating to shield hardwood floors from blemishes, scuffs, water stains, fading, and general eroding without varying the color of the wood or grain. Its duration is up to 25 years after an application.

What advantages does hardwood floor refinishing offer? 

After knowing so many things about refinishing, if you are still not convinced or refinishing your residential or commercial wood flooring, you are passing up on a wonderful opportunity to rejuvenate the look of those filthy planks. A room could be transformed with just floor finishing and proficient help. Let’s learn a few benefits that you can relish with refinishing services.

1. Restoration of hardwood floor: If you are opting for hardwood floor refinishing in Wheaton, you’re investing in a facelift for the entire space. Additionally, you’re making sure there’s less chance you will require to change your hardwood flooring. The pale color, odd blemishes, and other petty faults can be reworked when you reach the proper companies that operate hardwood floor refinishing.

2. Eradicate maintenance costs: An initial glossy finish can wane over time, but floor refinishing with a water-based finish can maintain your floors for an extended period. Once the finishing is accomplished professionally, it helps you save a large amount of money on restorations and general upkeep. And as we cited earlier, hardwood floor refinishing can help control a complete floor replacement.

3. Enhanced home value: There is no doubt that hardwood floor refinishing in Buffalo Grove is a rewarding investment for multiple reasons. But one of the most dominant facts is that you’re counting on your home’s absolute value. Almost 54% of home customers are ready to settle more for a home with finished hardwood floors. Additionally, you will likely improve the probabilities that your home deal will happen quickly.

What are the tips to consider while choosing an appropriate service for hardwood refinishing? 

So what would you usually type in the search bar on google while searching for a refinishing company? Most of you would search for “hardwood floor refinishers near me.” But definitely, you want quality service from skilled professionals. Now how do you discover that specifically? So here are the following suggestions or tips that may aid you in your search for the best hardwood refinishing company.

1. Conduct your research: You may be okay with hiring a hardwood floor refinishing company based on your requirements just by taking referrals. But, it will be best if you do more analysis and research to uncover companies around you. You can begin your first step by searching for hardwood floor refinishers in your dearest search engine.

2. Look for Background: The next stage is to examine the background. Reach their site, view their completed projects, and see what kind of work they did. They can be a good company if they are experienced with a bunch of tasks in their digital portfolio. If you observe that they are inexperienced or do not have authentic work on their site, it is the right time to move on.

3. Always think about your pocket: While we all like to reach the best look at as little cost as possible, multiple things in this life require you to finalize the budget. Google will deliver plenty of low-cost alternatives, but checking whether or not they will do a satisfactory job is entirely your responsibility. You can read testimonials or meet their previous customers to get a clear idea or before sew up to a final decision.

Hardwood refinishing in Northbrook is a wonderful key for restoring hardwood flooring. It works on 3R that is repairing, renewing, and refurbishing hardwood flooring.  Moreover, it revitalizes flooring that gets boring or discolored. It is also helpful in vanishing stains, damage, deep scratches, and dents. The most cost-effective way to have your floor shine is to refinish it.

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