Top-notch Hardwood Floor Installation in Naperville & Aurora

Whether you’re replacing the carpet, renovating an existing hardwood floor or mixing new hardwoods to preserve your existing floors, Big Bro Hardwood specializes in hardwood floor installation in Naperville.We commit ourselves to outstanding products, professionalism, craftsmanship and customer service. We install un-finished hardwood floors on a custom site, pre-finished hardwood floors and engeneered with a nail as well as gluing process. To offer you the best quality and price, we work closely with our suppliers in all home hardwood floors.

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Why Hardwoods?

If you want to increase the beauty and elegance of your home, then adding hardwood floors is a great option. The hardwood floors radiate an aura of warmth and are visually warmer and friendliness in your home due to its authenticity. The wooden floor brings versatility so you can decorate and redecorate without expensive renovations from traditional to a contemporary style.

Why is Hardwood a Good Investment?

Hardwood floor installation in Aurora increases the value of your home for several reasons.

It Reduces The Risk That Future Buyers Will Disapprove of Your Flooring

Consider a house that is on the market and needs to be carpeting. While many people like the plush feel, carpet can be a deciding factor if someone thinks the carpet is too dirty, too hairy, not furry enough, or of a wrong color. Many real estate agents recommend installing hardwood floors for people who value their home before they bring their property to the market.

Better Option For Allergy Sufferers

Hardwood floors are a better option for allergy sufferers because of its aesthetics. It is likely that a buyer who fights airborne allergies prefers hardwood floors as compare to carpets. It is always a good thing to make your home worth living in for more buyers.

Do Not Retain Odors

After all, hardwood floors do not retain odors like carpets. If your home had accidents involving cigarette smoke, mold or strong odors, it is likely that the carpet contains these odors in its fibers. Although professional cleaning can help, some odors may persist. On the other hand, hardwood floors hold no odors in the same way as carpets. If pets infest hardwood floors, you can do some cleaning fixings to fix the problem.

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Hardwood Recommendations

Installing a hardwood floor can be a challenge and that’s why you should consult a hardwood contractor who can help you choose the product you need, the type of wood to buy and someone who can turn your vision into reality with their experience.

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