Hardwood Floor Installation in Bolingbrook

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Hardwood Floor Installation

Whether you’re replacing the carpet, renovating an existing hardwood floor or mixing new hardwoods to preserve your existing floors Big Bro Hardwood specializes in Hardwood Floor installation for your home. We commit ourselves to outstanding products, professionalism, craftsmanship and customer service. We install un-finished hardwood floors on a custom site, pre-finished hardwood floors and engeneered with a nail as well as gluing process. To offer you the best quality and price, we work closely with our suppliers in all home hardwood floors.

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Wood Floor Refinishing

Wood floors have remained an age long trend; it never seems to be out of style. It showers your home with a special kind of beauty; giving it warmth and exquisite style.  Sadly, over time a lot of factors like domestic accidents, scratches, dents from shoes etc., can degrade the wood quality and rob it of its beauty. Despite the change that may happen due to wear and tear of your wood floors, you can still keep it looking its best all the time, by refinishing.

Wood floor refinishing is about refurbishing wooden surfaces so that they are preserved and shiny again. Aside from amending wear and tear, there are a couple of reasons why people want to refinish their floors. It could be the desire to change the color of the stain, to either increase or decrease the sheen of the floor, most especially at the entrance to a new house. Whatever the reason for refinishing your floor is, it requires expertise.

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Wood Floor Repair

Regardless of the cause or extent of the damage, the highly skilled craftsmen of Big Bro Hardwood are available for repair. They will go to your home or business to make a thorough assessment and determine the extent of damage, i.e. How many tables need to be replaced? What kind of wood is needed and how much does the work cost?

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Wood Floor Staining

Remember That Stains Are The Hardest Part of The Finishing Process

Things in staining wood floors can go wrong if the people you hire do not know what they’re doing or if they do not have the skills and patience to get it right. A professionally colored floor requires a lot of time and attention because it includes special techniques.

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