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Prefinished vs Unfinished Hardwood Flooring: Which Is Better?

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Many people ask whether they should choose prefinished hardwood flooring or the unfinished one. Or which is better?

Well, if your query is the same, you landed on the right page. Today we, at Big Bro Hardwood, will tell you all. Let’s learn!

Prefinished VS Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Usually, they both have their own benefits! If we talk based on an aesthetic perspective, we believe that there is no comparison to the beauty and warmth of unfinished hardwood flooring that is finished or sanded on-site by an expert flooring craftsman. On the other hand, there is no denying that prefinished flooring is a much faster and prettier process you can walk on it, right after it, is installed!

However, it’s best to understand the differences between both prefinished as well as unfinished hardwood floor products, before choosing one.

With so many attractive options now available, we know that some people will choose and enjoy the convenience of a quality product that can get install quickly, others may select the beauty of wood that is unfinished upon installation and then sanded and finished.

Despite the option you choose, our Big Bro Hardwood craftsmen will ensure that your Hardwood Floor Installation In Naperville reflects the taste and character of you and your home.


  1. Prefinished Floor Installation

Wood type that has had all of its processing done, already in the factory rather than in your place, is what we call prefinished flooring. It’s been sanded, stained, and coated before installation, which means when it arrives at your home, a minimum of fuss is required, and all get installed quickly.

  • You place your furniture immediately and can even walk on it right after installation.
  • Since, the treatment of the wood has done at the factory, before arrival at your place, no smell spreads.
  • Much less mess during the Hardwood Floor Installation in Aurora process, as no sanding is done on-site.
  • Since the flooring can be installed faster with less costly labor fees, this can sometimes be a better option for customers with a reduced budget, based on the type of prefinished floors selected.
  • Now we have many trendy product choices than ever before. Many of them can enhance the look of the unfinished flooring.
  • It can get refinished easily, if it gets dull over years. All you need to do is contact professionals who perform Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Lemont to make your flooring beautiful again.


  1. Unfinished Floor Installation

All of the treatment processes take place in your home if you choose the unfinished flooring. It involved the sanding process, application of the selected stain, and the finishing process. Some people believe that this process offers a more natural look and appears richer. The major reason is, there are no visible grooves in between each board, unlike other floorings.

  • You will get a totally smooth, flat floor (easier to maintain and clean).
  • To better reflect the warmth and artistry of the craftsmen who install it, there are many more stain choices that allow your floors.
  • Now the Stains are more environmentally friendly and don’t reflect the strong “chemical” odors as it used to do before.
  • Unlike other floors, it offers more uniformity in stain color.
  • It can be “spot” repair must there be an area that gets scratched.


Whether you choose finished type or unfinished type, we can help you with both. We at Big Bro Hardwood are known, reputable Wood Floor Refinishing & Installation Company, specializing in dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing In Burr Ridge, Naperville, and many other locations. We ensure that our clients receive prompt and reliable services and that too at reasonable prices.

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