Hardwood Floor Installation: Some Important Considerations and Myths

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‘Be patient. Good things take time and do not happen overnight.’ To create a beautiful ambiance, you’ve to invest enough time researching your options, according to your budget. We suggest you focus more of your time and budget on the flooring because it has the potential to set an immediate tone and also, you’ll get your money back in the resale value. The most talked-about flooring option of 2020; Hardwood Floor Installation in Burr Ridge helps to create a stunning interior that will let you echo your gorgeous personality to visitors. It’s a timeless choice for glamorous homes. Let’s discuss more about the hardwood floor.

Some Important Consideration for Picking the Right Flooring

Hardwood floor is a versatile option that complements several design schemes. Being a homeowner, you can choose between two flooring options viz engineered and solid floors.

Solid Hardwood

Solid Hardwood is a real wood species, manufactured from one single piece of wood. This flooring type is durable (lasts for generations), and can be refinished several times during its lifespan. It’s a best-loved choice for various interior enthusiasts; this flooring looks elegant, adds warmth, class, and high-end aesthetic value that never goes out of style. Homeowners can consider installing it at places that generally faces heavy foot traffic as it has the capability to stand up to active workspaces. With wooden floor installation, you will never be going to hear a hollow sound or experience vibration.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered Hardwood flooring is usually constructed with layers that are fused together. The bottom layers comprise various species of wood, typically the plywood, and the top layer (what you see) is represented by the species of hardwood flooring, like Oak, Maple, Walnut, etc. This flooring type can last 25-30 years and is less expensive than solid hardwood. Due to the presence of various layers, these floors are more stable and resistant to moisture, humidity, or arid conditions. Engineered floors come in a wide range of colors, finishes, and species. This floor is easy to use and can be installed using different methods including nailed or screwed down, glued down using effective flooring adhesive, or floated over an underlay.

After you’ve decided the type of floor (engineered or solid), it’s time to choose the floor finish. Sounds pretty incredible? Yes! You can choose between prefinished and site finish.

Prefinished floors, also known as ‘factory finish’ floors are sanded and refinished at the manufacturing center whereas unfinished or site finished floors are first installed at the property and then sanded and refinished on site. Let’s discuss some benefits of both types of finishes.

Prefinished Floors

  • Prefinished floors can be installed quickly; and, you can use it as soon as it’s installed at your property
  • The factory-applied finish is commonly very smooth and lasts longer
  • There will be no mess at your place, nor you’ve to tolerate the smell associated with finishing as everything will be done in the factory

Site-finished floors

  • You’ll achieve a table-top flat finish
  • Several choices available; choice of finishes — water-based polyurethane, oil-based polyurethane, or a natural oil finish
  • Opportunity to choose the best stain color, considering your existing home decor needs
  • Better creativity

Hardwood Floor Installation; Some Common Myths

When we do not have complete and correct information about something, it turns into confusion. And, this state of confusion develops myths and misconceptions. Right?

When it comes to Hardwood Floor Installation in Naperville, might be, people have some sort of incomplete and incorrect information, and consequently, a lot of myths are well-settled in their minds. Let us discuss some common myths related to hardwood floors and burst the bubble of misconceptions. Also, learn some facts about hardwood floors.

Myth: Poor Choice for Kitchen

People have a very strong feeling that hardwood floors are a poor choice for kitchens. Nobody knows where this myth came from! It is a pure myth. In fact, this floor is one of the wonderful floor types to install in kitchens. The only thing that people must keep in mind, is the right choice of wood and the finish.

Pro tip: Engineered Hardwood floor is the best flooring option to install in the kitchen area because this multi-layered floor is more resistant to humidity.

 Myth: Floors Should Be Waxed Regularly

Well, if we go way back in time, we can say it was then true. But, as time has passed, a lot of things have changed, so does the technique of floor finishes. It has made wax unnecessary. Back in the 1920s, alkyd resin was used to make varnishes more durable. And, a decade after, in the 1930s, polyurethane finishes were introduced to create the first no-wax floors. We are in the 20th century now, and the finishes used on hardwood floors these days are even more durable. Big Bro Hardwood recommends you to use eco-friendly water-based polyurethanes to accentuate the character of the wooden floor.

Myth: DIY Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Credit goes to the Internet as it allows people to access almost every information about anything. DIY tutorials are very much in trend. These projects interest people because they get something to do in their free time, they get to contribute to household jobs, plus they think they are saving money by doing so. Passing the time and contributing to household jobs is true, but the point of ‘saving money’ is not really. When it comes to hardwood floor refinishing, many homeowners think to handle it on their own, but they forget that it too requires professional assistance. Professionals hold a great experience of doing such work, plus they have the necessary tools, equipment, and machines to carry forward the entire task. Actually, by approaching an expert service provider, people can save a lot of money because they will get guaranteed and high-quality hardwood floor installation and refinishing solutions that last for a longer period of time.

 Myth: Hardwood Floor Are Expensive

Investing in a quality product and enjoying its benefits for a longer period of time or investing in inferior products and spend a sum of money consistently over time so that your product works properly; you have two options. Which one would you like to choose? Well, sometimes, people do not understand the importance of investing in a high-quality option and getting free of any responsibilities for years to come. The same is the situation with Hardwood Floor Installation in Lemont. Undoubtedly, hardwood floor works for generations; you only have to buy the right quality products and choose the best installation firm. Like carpet, you won’t need to replace it over a little time. At Big Bro Hardwood, we provide affordable installation services to all clients. So, if you think it is an expensive option, think twice! Because it’s not.

Myth: Hardwood Floors Are Difficult to Maintain

One of the most mystifying points is that hardwood floors are difficult to maintain. In fact, such floors are easy to maintain; you can just sweep or vacuum them with the beater bar turned off. By taking adequate precautions as guided by the manufacturer or service provider, you can keep your wooden floor in its pristine condition for a longer period of time.

For hardwood floor installation, it’s important to hire the right installer.

Due to the wooden floor’s increasing popularity, several firms are popping up in the marketplace. Now, it’s your responsibility to determine the best service provider to fulfill your needs. To make your job easier, we, at Big Bro hardwood, mention some factors that you should consider before finalizing any installation company.

Hardwood Floor Installation Lemont - Big Bro Hardwood

Floor installation is a complicated process! It requires a special skill set to achieve perfection.

  • Look for the experience that the company holds

Choosing an installer with adequate experience in the industry is an advantageous decision.

By opting to do the installation job by yourself or hiring an amateur, you can only leave with improper installation, which causes a lot of issues ranging from uneven planks to squeaky boards. So it’s better to approach an experienced service provider who is adept at providing a range of smart solutions when it comes to hardwood floor installation and refinishing. At Big Bro Hardwood, we have over 20 years of experience in providing perfect floor installation & finishing services. Our experts will guide you at every stage of the hardwood floor installation process; whether you’re replacing the carpet, renovating an existing hardwood floor, or incorporating new woods to preserve your home’s beauty.

  • Ask for estimates

Experience is one factor to consider, but you can’t make your decision based on this factor only. You should ask the firm to provide an accurate estimate for the job.

Pro-tip: Get multiple estimates to make sure you are paying a fair amount. Different companies have different supply networks, perspectives, and employee knowledge. For example, wood material will be cut to fit the exact space, which means some of the leftover wood will be unusable; so your installers must take this into account during the estimating phase. Consult our experts, they will provide no-obligation, free estimate for your project.

  • Installation Process & Timeline

You should ask about the installation processes which the firm mastered. There are basically three types of installation methods viz nail-down, glue-down, and floating. Here, we are providing a few questions that you should ask the service provider so that there’s no ambiguity later on.

  • Which installation process is best for the type of wood floor you choose?
  • Will you set a deadline and provide a timely update on the process?
  • Do you remove the stuff before beginning with the installation process?
  • Do you clean up the mess created during the process?

Besides, make sure the service provider doesn’t work on a sub-contract basis, meaning assign your task to someone else. During your first meeting, observe whether the installer appears dedicated enough to handle your project with full enthusiasm or not. Our experts at Big Bro Hardwood provide only the best advice, considering your budget and other needs. We provide genuine guidance at every stage and complete the project quickly and seamlessly.

  • Search Online or Take Referrals

It’s no tougher to find the right installation company; you can use the Internet to identify the best firm. The Internet is a vast source of information where you will find a long list of installation service providers. We suggest that never fall for the first firm you come across; instead, do your research and cherry-pick the one after reading the customer testimonials and viewing the gallery section on the firm’s website. Moreover, you can also consider taking referrals from people around you (those who have taken these services anytime before). Using both these options, you will be able to choose a reliable and competent installation company.

  • Products Used & Other Services Offered

When it comes to hardwood floor installation, using the right yet effective products is necessary to ensure the floor’s durability. No matter whether you’re looking for a company to handle the installation job or refinishing project, you must check what products the firm will be going to use.

For the refinishing process, we use eco-friendly water-based polyurethanes that provide good protection to wood floors. Your floor appears natural; complement your home’s interior perfectly well. During the sanding procedure, we use cyclonic vacuum systems to ensure dust-free finishing. In fact, we have a range of stains available; find the right shade or custom mix (two or more) to achieve a unique look.

We, Big Bro Hardwood, offer a variety of services including free estimates, new hardwood floor installation, sanding, refinishing, staining, repair, and more, which is all handled directly by the company’s skilled workers. We assist you at every step of the flooring process and also provide you some vital maintenance tips to keep your floor healthy and scratch-free. We maintain complete transparency; our staff will professionally address all of your needs and deliver services that will surely delight you!

If you have any query(s) or want to know more about our services, feel free to call us at (630) 418 4139 or email at [email protected].