Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing

A Glimpse of the Wood Floor Finishes, Polishes, and Touches

To accentuate the look of the wood floors, several homeowners choose a variety of wood finishes and polishes. These provide a sheen to the flooring, elevate the interiors and create a sparkling ambiance to invite the guests.

Moreover, people prefer hardwood finishes because they are affordable and are made from high-quality products. Being made in well-equipped factories by experts who follow all the protocols, these floor polishes are not environmentally hazardous. The makers ensure that these do not emit pungent fumes that could choke people to death.

Types of Finishes

Several wood finishes have become quite popular over the years. The residents, hotel managers, and building owners prefer finishes and polishes that might upgrade the quality of the floors. They often feel perplexed as there are endless products that one can choose from.

After the hardwood floor installation in Naperville, the professionals are confronted with the task of applying the finishes to make the floors easy on the eyes. Let’s dive in to discuss the types of finishes-

  • Surface Finishes

The surface finishes are made from resins mixed in solvents such as water. These are highly durable and require less maintenance. Once the solution is applied, the water evaporates, leaving behind a plastic film over the wood.

This thin covering adds an element of sophistication and provides a luminous look. It also maintains a barrier to protect the wooden floor from the environment.

  • Water-based Polyurethane

The water-based polyurethanes are acrylics and water finishes or could be a combination of both. The flooring professionals add some catalysts to the finishes to have a long-lasting effect.

Being odourless, these are resistant to scratches, abrasions, and cracks and offer the floors a glossy finish.

  • Moisture Urethane

It is made from a solvent-based urethane finish. While working on commercial projects, several flooring professionals make use of the product. As it is highly toxic and has a strong fragrance, people do not prefer applying it in their homes or offices. The high amount of volatile organic compounds makes the wood finish difficult to manage.

  • Swedish finish/acid cure

The wood finish was used in European nations and some parts of America some years ago. The pleasant amber color embellishes the wooden floor. Also, it has a soothing fragrance and a matte finish that exudes elegance.

Why are penetrating finishes important?

The Hardwood floor refinishing Burr Ridge is a complicated process. The flooring experts make use of penetrating finishes to transform the interiors.

You can always recoat the area if any marks or scratches appear. These harden to form a protective layer and do not wear down. While cleaning the floors, only recommended floor cleaners must be used that gel up with the wooden finish. Haphazardly using cleaners does more harm than good.

Being resistant to solvents, the penetrating finish does not cause a lackluster appearance. It percolates deep into the flooring and protects the surface from germs, dust, and allergens.

The characteristics of water-based finishes

The water-based finishes are highly durable and made from cutting-edge technology. Though these are highly expensive, the low amount of volatile organic compounds makes these polishes desirable.

Being able to resist scratches, marks, chemicals, and abrasion, these protect the floors very well. The matte finish is achieved by applying several coats. Because of the viscosity and high-grade materials used in making the finishes, one can effortlessly maintain the floors.

Also, these are available in different colors, shades, and fragrances. Customers are often between two minds when it comes to choosing the right wooden polish for their floors. The water-based finishes have better UV and sunlight inhibitors.

These finishes provide a transparent look to the floors and can dry in time. So you do not have to be bothered about waiting for too long to re-arrange your stuff.

When should you opt for a recoat?

If you notice some scratches and marks, then go ahead with a recoat. This helps prevent the floor from deteriorating and keeps the quality intact.

Before beginning the recoating process, it is good to clean the floor properly. Scrub the floor to remove the build-up of dirt. There mustn’t be a speck of dust on the surface. Hiring a team of flooring experts makes things a cakewalk.

It is better to weigh the pros and cons of the recoating process. It might cost some money, but every penny is worth it as the results are great. You are granted lustrous floors that can last for years.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Factors to consider before choosing the polishes

While revamping the floors, it is equally important to consider the polishes. By making some finishing touches to the floors, one can make the interiors inviting and create a soothing atmosphere.

During the Hardwood floor installation Lemont, the experts offer advice to the customers on the wood products they should use. Several factors come into play that determines the type of polishes one should pick while accentuating the look of the floors.

  • Consider the number of people 

If you have toddlers running around in the house, pets that prance in the interiors, or a large number of people walking back and forth, then choose the vinyl or ceramic polishes. These are easy to clean and require less maintenance.

Moreover, you do not have to put in painstaking efforts to clean the floors and maintain the sheen.

  • Take note of the climate and weather conditions

Not all areas have the same climate, and it is not necessary for all the wood polishes to last effectively in a particular place.

Opt for subtle wood finishes that can keep things in control, that too, after consulting experts.

  • Determine the price

Choose wooden finishes that are easily affordable, and always seek professional help while getting the wood polishes applied.

Try to use the best range of wooden polishes that are effective and yield results. It is better to not compromise with the quality and choose wisely when it comes to aesthetics.

  • Consider the floor

The finishes that are good on vinyl or laminate floors might not go well with parquet floors. Opting for the wrong polishes can damage the floor surface and lead to a lackluster appearance. The floor could be prone to cracks and require occasional repairs, thus causing a surge in expenses.

  • Look into the maintenance

There are ways to maintain the floors after these have been polished. For Hardwood floor installation in Downers Grove, hire a team of flooring experts who make use of the best finishes and have the precision of work.

All the floors require some maintenance, such as vacuuming or mopping, to retain the look. However, some floor finishes need burnishing to revive their appearance and let the shine last for a long.

  • Must be certified by renowned authorities

Choose wood floor polishes that qualify the global standards. If the products meet the guidelines formulated by the committees, then they can be sold to everyone.

Moreover, these should not cause environmental concerns and be toxic. If these cause health hazards and deteriorate the quality of air, then the manufacturers might have to revise their process.

  • Have a proper gloss level

At times, we come across several polishes that tend to be more lustrous. Some rules apply to different places. For instance, floors with a matte finish would look out of place in a hospital.

People might perceive them to be slippery and difficult to walk on. On the contrary, luminous floors in the hotels could sparkle the décor and fascinate the guests.

They might think that the hotel has an exceptional level of sanitation with pleasant surroundings.

  • Should be durable

The floor finishes should last for a long as these make the floors look well-maintained. The ones that experience heavy foot traffic or are prone to wear and tear require a durable floor finish. This will revive the shine and make the floors sophisticated for years.

  • Have a strong solid content

The solid content refers to the percentage of the floor finish that remains on the floor surface after the liquid dries out.

Ideally, the mixture should contain 25-35% of the solid content. It is important to have a sense of proportion while formulating the floor polishes. Otherwise, things might fall apart.

It is not advisable to buy floor finishes based purely on solid content. Try to purchase a mixture that has a proportionate amount of liquid so that the product works wonders.

Some tips for cleaning the floors properly for a luminous shine

 After applying the floor finish, it is necessary to vacuum or sweep the floors as per the requirement.

While cleaning the floors, make use of cleaners that do not contain any harsh chemicals. It is recommended to put a small amount of floor cleaner and then wipe the floor. Using way too much floor cleaner might just not effectively clean the surface. It could result in a waste of energy, time, and resources.

Cordless vacuums can extract dust and dirt from the innermost corners of the floor. Regular scrubbing and cleaning can prevent rodents, pests, and allergens from invading the area.

Avoid using any oil, wax, or furniture spray to improve the texture of the floor. Several aesthetes suggest not using steam cleaners on wooden floors as this might lead to a lackluster appearance.

Putting ammonia or abrasive chemicals can rob the floors of the sheen, which could result in scratches and indelible marks. You can place doormats and rugs to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating.

It is better to lift the furniture and not drag it on the floor. This can prevent marks and keep the floors clean all day.

Also, prolonged exposure to bright light can make the floors look dull. You can use curtains or blinders to block the sunlight, which might change the color of the wood.

Using window coverings, films and awnings can prevent the floor from losing its color.

Water popping is a good way to ensure that the floor remains lustrous for a long. This is a technique in which flooring professionals sprinkle water on an unpolished or unfinished wood surface. The procedure allows the wood grain to open and absorb the finish or polish that will be applied later more effectively.

It darkens the stain color and helps the floor’s surface to absorb the pigment properly. The unnoticeable sanding marks can be easily removed. As the wood fibers become strong, the finish or the polish penetrates deeper and lasts a lifetime.

Moreover, the floor is leveled, and there is no room for errors. In a non-popped water floor, the sand marks become obvious after the polish has been applied, leaving the homeowners worried.

It is good to ask the experts about the cure and dry time. Be patient and wait for some time before walking on the floors or laying out the rugs and the carpets. It takes one to three days for the finish to dry out completely for things to begin.

Summing it up, customers are bombarded with floor polishes, finishes, and touches to elevate the interiors of houses and buildings. These make the floors look luminous and prevent scratches and marks. Walking on the floor seems to be a pleasure when it exudes an elegant shine. However, these floors need to be cleaned regularly without overdoing things. People should go in for floor products that are durable, affordable, and provide an impeccable color to the wooden floor.


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