Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing

6 Interesting Facts About Hardwood Flooring That Blows Your Mind

No one appreciates a drab living space! To make your home’s interior classy and aesthetically pleasing, installing the right type of floor is essential. You have plenty of options when it comes to floor choice, but the most evergreen option is installing Hardwood floors. Hardwood Floor Installation in Naperville not only brings elegance but also accentuates the style of modern-day abodes. Many interior enthusiasts suggest homeowners for such floors because they can transform any house into something that every outsider cherishes. Let’s begin with some amazing facts you may not know about hardwood flooring.

  • Decades of Extraordinary Beauty

Installing hardwood floors ensures decades of incredible beauty, durable service, and flexibility. It helps to introduce timeless elegance and a bit of warmth to your contemporary abode. Many people believe that the installation of such floors makes their home look bigger. It perfectly adorns your home and helps to make a great first impression.

  • Every hardwood floor is unique

No two trees are alike; their grain patterns, colors, and mass varies significantly. That’s why you won’t find two wooden planks appearing exactly the same. The texture variation of every wood plank is different. Repetition in the pattern is only possible when you purchase laminate flooring.

  • Prefinished hardwood flooring can be the option!

Different finishes of hardwood flooring, such as unfinished and prefinished are available in the market; your choice can significantly impact the general appearance and gloss level of the floor. 

Unfinished floors are sanded and finished on-site and accommodate a consistent seal at the joints to ensure a completely flat surface. You can pick your desired finish and color. Such floors are the preferred choice for many homeowners. 

But, if you want to shorten the installation process, you can get prefinished hardwood flooring. Prefinished hardwood floorings are ready to install floors on which the stain and finish get applied during the manufacturing of the floor. You just need to purchase such floors and contact an expert flooring company for installation assistance. With the prefinished option, you can enjoy consistent quality, quicker installation, and immediate gratification, which means you can use the floor after a few hours of its installation.

  • Increases value of your property

Wood floors can significantly increase the resale value of your home. Buyers will pay more for a home having hardwood floors installed than carpets. As carpets can trap allergens and dust, no one would want the used carpet in their new abode. In fact, their primary task before shifting is to replace that cast-off carpets. This is why buyers prefer to pay more for a home with hardwood floors than handling the trouble of replacing carpets. This intelligent investment can undoubtedly add a certain elegance to space and save money in the long run.

  • You can make it brand new again after years of use

With years, hardwood floors become dull & you can see a lot of scratches on it. But, don’t worry, you can make it brand new again with refinishing services. Sound pretty incredible? Well, refinishing floors is a perfect option to restore the floor’s beauty by repairing, renewing, and refurbishing it.  

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality

There are many benefits of Hardwood Floor Installation in Aurora — longevity, durability, and varying patterns are some of them — but are you aware that it has certain health benefits too? Interestingly, hardwood flooring improves the air quality of your home, and hence ideal for allergy or asthma sufferers. Unlike carpets, hardwood floors are a solid surface, which neither traps dust nor harbor allergens, mold, or pet dander. You can clean it immediately just by sweeping it. 

Know About Its Cleaning

Do you know what’s the reason behind the wooden floor’s overwhelming popularity other than the aesthetic factor? Well, it is the floor’s hassle-free cleaning. To clean your floors, all you need to have is a dry mop or a vacuum cleaner. Gone are the days of getting on your knees to scrub the dirt from every crack & corner of the house! If you mop or vacuum regularly, your floors will stay in their pristine condition always. Here’s a plan which you can follow-

Regular Cleaning Habits

  • Clean your floors regularly with a dry mop or microfiber cloth. 
  • Use a vacuum without a beater bar to clear the dirt away.
  • Use cleaning products as recommended by the manufacturer to clean your floors. Further, do not use oil soap cleaners, acrylic waxes, and vinegar as these will cause wood to become slippery and appear bland quickly.

Spot Cleaning

If any kind of liquid spills on the floor accidentally, it’s vital to clear it up immediately. 

  • To clean ink spots, food, water, grease, and crayons, apply hardwood cleaner on a soft cloth and gently rub the floor until the spot is removed.
  • To remove candle wax and chewing gum, use a bag filled with ice and place it over the area. Wait till the object is brittle enough to crumble away. 

Essential maintenance tips

Hardwood floor maintenance is a critical subject as it is directly related to the floor’s working life. Here are some amazing tips to avoid scratches and damages. 

  • Place rugs in the children’s play area and shift them periodically to ensure the sunlight isn’t creating uneven stains on the wooden floor.
  • Always put doormats at the entryways to minimize the amount of track-in dirt in your home, especially onto the floors.
  • Add cork or rubber pads underneath the furniture to avoid scratch marks.
  • Avoid high heels and spike shoes on the floor as they can cause dents and deep scratches. 
  • It would help if you trimmed your pet’s nails regularly to prevent scratching on the floors.
  • Vacuum your floors regularly to clean the debris out of gaps. 

Hardwood Floor Installation service by Experts

It’s vital to install hardwood floors correctly to ensure durability; otherwise, it can ruin your investment and cause severe problems sooner or later. It will help if you hire an expert installer for the job, instead of doing it yourself. By doing so, you will get guaranteed services and satisfying outcomes. Professionals providing Hardwood Floor Installation in Burr Ridge have the necessary skills, tools, and equipment to accomplish the task effectively. So leave the job for experts, and focus on your daily business, and attend other important things without worrying about floor installation. 

An experienced hardwood floor installer has been working in the field for years and knows how to install a specific type of floor. They will better prepare your subfloor than you; use a sander to level up the floor, conduct a moisture test, and thoroughly vacuum the area for fine placement. Right & Careful preparation is the essence of the successful installation of hardwood flooring. If you neglect or fail to fix the subfloor correctly (in the case of DIYs), you could end up with loose or squeaky planks, or even worse. And, there is a high probability of warping, cracking, or gapping. So approach the right service provider without fail. 

Now the question is how will you choose the right installer as there are plenty of options available in the market? Well, it can be challenging but not tough! 

Homeowners can use the Internet, a vast source of information, to identify the right service provider — Just enter your query, and you will find a bucket list of the installation companies. It is suggested never hire the first company you come across, blindly; investigate enough & make an informed decision. 

To help you out, we are providing some important factors you need to consider while picking the right flooring company. Have a look-

  • The professionalism of the team

Professionalism is an umbrella term, which covers different aspects, like good communication skills, the ability to meet the deadline, courteous behavior while on-site, and flexibility. It would help if you hire someone who will be ready to provide services as per your schedule and work within the agreed time frame. They must be competent to accommodate unforeseen instances.

  • Installation Experience

Always look for a flooring installer who has been in the industry for many years and has a large group of satisfied customers. You must ask them how many projects they have completed so far and how many of those are similar to yours. The more experience the company has, the better it can handle work, troubleshoot problems, and generate a timely solution to any new issue. 

  • View their online gallery & read testimonials

The best way to gauge the reliability and expertise of a company is by looking at its work portfolio. A professional flooring installer will always produce photographs of their past projects and upload them on their official website. Also, experts do not hesitate to provide references whenever needed. 

Beyond that, you must check the testimonials on the official website and ratings on authoritative sources like GMB. It helps you to understand the service provider better and get a clear picture of their service quality. 

  • Post-work cleaning services

It will help if you approach an installer who provides effective post-work cleaning services. The expert must come up with compelling ways to clean the specks of dust once the refinishing or installation process is completed. Make sure they are using state-of-the-art technology to minimize dust.

  • Get estimates for project cost & details

Never compromise on quality. Hiring a cheap flooring company may not provide you with standard services, and as a result, you would end up paying more for re-fixing loose planks sooner or later. 

You must shortlist a few installation firms (that satisfy all the above-mentioned points) and get project cost estimates and details from them. This estimation should include everything, such as the overall cost, payment schedule, mode of payment, and more. Compare each quotation & finalize the one that meets your needs. 

When To Consider Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

Hardwood floors are prone to scratches and damages. Even after taking adequate measures, if your floors start to look dull, then it’s the time you should hire professional services for Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Downers Grove. Here are some major signs that make you think about hiring refinishing services-

  • Water damages

Water damage is a critical issue! As said earlier, you must clear the spills immediately; otherwise, it can create uneven patches on the floor. Sanding and refinishing floors can help in removing such marks and ensure your floor looks new again. But if the damage is so severe that you notice separation, buckling, or cupping of the wooden planks, then you have to replace the planks (if repairing is not possible).

  • Discoloration or sun damage

Some types of wooden floors are more photosensitive that means they are likely to be affected by exposure to sunlight. You should apply super-high quality finishes to prevent or delay the fading process. 

Refinishing is essential when there is a large number of scratches visible all over your hardwood floor. 

Pro tip: The floor of the rooms that are highly-used gets worn out quickly, and in that case, you should correct such worn floors only, instead of refinishing the whole house (part-refinishing).

During the refinishing process, you have the option to change the color of the stain. There are plenty of stain options available to choose from. If you find it a bit confusing, don’t worry! At Big Bro Hardwood, we provide live samples of stains on your floors to assist you in selecting the right stain color and finishing for your floor. For final coating, we use eco-friendly water-based polyurethanes that provide good protection to wooden floors. It appears natural and accentuates the character of the wood without giving it an amber tone. 

We have built a flawless reputation in the market by delivering prompt and reliable services at reasonable rates. You can rely on us to transform your bland, worn-out floors into the most beautiful one that creates a wow impression. Our expert team will do every task, be it installation, refinishing, or staining, with full enthusiasm while providing careful attention to details. We will assign a dedicated project manager who will keep you posted about every step of the way. So approach us and get the best solution for all your needs related to hardwood floors. 

Let us adorn your contemporary home!