6 Important Factors to Consider When Buying Hardwood Floors

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Knowing that there are multiple types of flooring available in the market, it can be overwhelming to identify the right type for your home. You can consider Hardwood Floor Installation in Wheaton as it is worth it and surely gives you 100% satisfaction. It has the potential to create a beautiful and chic environment, and help you increase the value of your home. We understand flooring installation is a big investment so you have to be careful when it comes to choosing the flooring species. There are numerous factors that influence our hardwood floor buying decision. What are they, have a look-


  • Flooring Type—Engineered or Solid Floors

As the name suggests, Solid wood floors are thick and are made up of hardwood species like oak, maple, or walnut. It’s a single piece of hardwood that can be sanded and refinished many times over its lifespan. When we talk about engineered wood, it consists of different layers of wood with hardwood on the top, bonded over high-quality plywood. Your choice of flooring type should depend on the area, where you are going to install the floors. You can consider installing an engineered floor in the spaces which are more prone to moisture such as the basement and kitchen.


  • Finishing Type—Prefinished or Unfinished

Pre-finished floors are ready to install floors on which sanding, staining, and the coating are already done in the factory. It comes with the convenience of fast and easy installation. On the other hand, unfinished or site finished floors are sanded and coated on the site itself after the installation. This flooring finish ensures a more natural look. So choose the floor’s finish-type wisely.


  • Color & Stains

There’s a multitude of colors available when it comes to Hardwood Floor Installation in Burr Ridge. You have to choose between natural colors that include dark, light, and moderate. You can consider installing dark planks if you have a well-lit home. One can also opt for staining to change the hardwood floor color.


  • Grain Pattern & Plank Length

Grain pattern varies depending on how the wood was cut and the type of wood species. There are basically three types of grains, which include flat grain, curly grain, and straight grain. Besides, one can find hardwood floors in a variety of lengths, width, and thickness. Consider your needs, and choose the best one of all.


  • Flooring Budget

It’s an important factor to consider; the budget should include every cost, right from buying hardwood floor to installation, shifting, and replacement of existing floors. Also, if you’re thinking to install these floors on your own, then you are choosing the wrong path! Hardwood floors are characterized as durable only if it’s installed correctly. And, only experts have the right tools and required knowledge to install the different types of floors rightly with ease.


  • Personal Needs

Your lifestyle, existing interior decor, and the amount of traffic also influence the choice of buying hardwood floors. If you’ve pets and small kids at home, then you should consider installing a hand-scraped or wire-brushed hardwood floor as it can conceal little scratches and dents more than the standard hardwood flooring.


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