5 Signs Hardwood Floor at Your Place Needs Staining or Refinishing

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Your home is beautiful! Yes, we know you’ve built a beautiful home with aesthetic décor, artistic centerpieces, and rightly balanced colors. And, the Hardwood floors you installed at your place is adding class to the beauty of your home. However, when the wood floor in your place starts losing its shine, this all won’t make sense. Well, don’t panic. You can always perform staining or Hardwood Floor Refinishing Lemont, with the help of professionals to retain its appreciative look.

In all, you need to make sure that the hardwood floors in your home never fade to keep the beauty of your home intact. Still, not sure that when will be the right time to stain or refinish wood floors? No worries, today, we at Big Bro Hardwood will tell you few signs by which you will easily recognize that now your hardwood floor needs staining or refinishing.

1. Scratches, Scratches all Over

If you are observing the huge number of scratches on your floor then you must start thinking to give your flooring stain or refinish, whatever you like. Well, a few scratches are not a problem but if the same scratches have already started wearing the stain on your wood then it may be time to give your floor a refinishing or a great Wood Floor Staining Orland Park

2. Boards are Gray already

If you spot any boards turning grey in color on your hardwood flooring, it is the time to have them stained or refinished, even before more damage happens. Because, it is a clear sign that the polyurethane is wearing off and your hardwood floors are starting to absorbing water, whether it is from rain,  spilled drinks,  snow, etc. If even after this you don’t repair, stain and refinish your wood floors quickly, it will start absorbing moisture until it turns black.

3. If Boards began Turning Black

If you observe that some of the boards on your wood flooring are beginning to turn black, it is too late guys. Now you only left with two choices; whether you go with darker staining on the rest of your floor to make them blend or just replace those particular boards. Well, I must say that the second option will cost a little more but will help keep your floor healthier overall.

4. Your Floor Suffered Water Damage

Check if your wood flooring faces water damage, or the water started seeping into the wood floor, it’s time to get your floors stained or refinished. You can also check by yourself. Yes, try by pouring about a tablespoon of water in an area of flooring which looks worn. The quicker the water soaks on the floor, the more urgently you need refinishing or Wood Floor Staining Oak Brook. Don’t wait more even little water and moisture damages the wood, so and do the staining or refinishing as quickly as possible.

5. Locating Worn Out Areas on the Hardwood Floor

There is no doubt that with years the hardwood wears out but if yours wearing out of the blocks or your floor’s stain fading away, it’s best to get it stained/refinished, that too ASAP.

Well, if you are experiencing any of the above signs, we are here to help you. We, Big Bro Hardwood, are one of the leading Hardwood Floor Staining, Installation & Refinishing companies in Naperville, Downers Grove & Oak Brook. We offer several floor-related services to our clients and customers that includes refinishing, sanding, staining, repairing, Hardwood Floor Installation In Aurora and plenty more. So, if you have any floor related needs, contact us and we’ll do all to restore your floor to its original beauty.