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Tips for taking Care of Hardwood Floors From Indoor Pets (Dogs)

Dogs and Hardwood Floors - Bigbro Hardwood

Are you a dog lover? Yess… And your house has hardwood flooring. Then, it must be hard for you to maintain a healthy balance between love for your pet and care for the precious flooring. The tiny paws leave a trail of mud and pebbles across your beautiful hardwood floor. That’s not enough, and a playful evening can result in a series of dog scratches on the wood floor, scarring the surface. 

Hardwood offers undeniable advantages – it’s easy to clean up even after pet accidents, and its timeless style elevates any space. However, its susceptibility to scratches and moisture can make pet owners wary. Hardwood flooring is an expensive investment and with no or less care, you might need refinishing or staining before time. 

So, how to take care of hardwood floors with dogs? Read until the end! Here are some common points you can implement to maintain the hardwood floor’s shine. 

Understanding The Enemy: Pet-Related Hardwood Floor Woes

Our beloved furry companions may not mean any harm, but their playful antics can leave their mark on our cherished hardwood floors. Here’s a closer look at the different ways our furry friends can unintentionally become hardwood floor foes: 

Claw Marks: Unlike cats, dogs don’t retract their nails, and those playful zoomies can translate into tiny scratches across the wood’s surface. Over time, these scratches accumulate, creating a dull and worn appearance.

Stains From Accidents: Even the best-trained pups can have the occasional “oops” moment. Unfortunately, pet accidents can leave unsightly urine stains on hardwood, especially if not cleaned promptly. These stains can penetrate the wood, leaving permanent reminders of your pet’s excitement (or forgetfulness).

Dulling from Dirt and Debris: Our dogs love exploring the great outdoors, but unfortunately, they also love tracking in dirt, pebbles, and all sorts of debris. These abrasive elements can act like sandpaper on your hardwood, gradually dulling its shine and creating a rougher surface.

Moisture Damage: Spilled water bowls, muddy paw prints, or even pet accidents can all contribute to moisture damage. Hardwood is susceptible to warping and swelling when exposed to excess moisture, potentially leading to costly repairs.

Prevention Measures For Your Floors

The best defense is a good offense, and that holds true for protecting your hardwood floors from your furry friend. Before the battle lines are drawn, let’s explore some proactive strategies to keep your hardwood floors looking awesome! 

Shorter Nails

Those adorable clicking paws can cause destruction on your hardwood. Regularly trimming your dog’s nails is crucial. Dog nails on hardwood floors can dig in and leave scratches. Regularly trimming your dog’s nails is crucial. If you’re comfortable, DIY nail clipping with dog-specific clippers is an option. However, for a stress-free experience, consider a professional groomer or veterinarian. Aim for a trim every 4-6 weeks or when you hear a clicking sound as your dog walks on hard surfaces. 

Wipe Those Paws!

After walks, wiping your dog’s paws with pet-safe wipes removes dirt, debris, and moisture that could potentially scratch or damage your floors. This simple step goes a long way in keeping your floors looking their best.

Don’t Let Wet Weather Woof Woes

Wet fur can trap moisture, leading to floor damage. After walks, especially during rainy seasons, thoroughly dry your dog with a towel. Pay close attention to areas between the paws and around the tail.

Playtime Needs Boundaries

Hardwood floors might seem like a perfect play space for your pup, but roughhousing can lead to scratches. To discourage this, provide dedicated play areas with comfy dog beds and a variety of chew toys. Engage your dog in interactive play sessions using these toys, redirecting their energy away from the hardwood surface.

Dog Boots For Extra Defense

For active dogs who spend a lot of time outdoors, dog boots can offer an extra layer of protection. They help keep dirt and debris off your floors and provide traction for your dog on slippery surfaces. 

Zone It Out

If your home has a mix of flooring types, consider limiting your dog’s access to the hardwood areas. Train them to stay off these areas, or if needed, use baby gates to control access. This way, your dog can enjoy carpeted or tiled spaces while the hardwood remains pristine.

Finishing Touches

When refinishing your floors, consider using high-quality stains specifically formulated for high-traffic areas. Talk to a professional hardwood floor contractor about pet-resistant options. While no finish is completely scratch-proof, a good quality one will definitely hold up better against your dog’s playful antics.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance Strategies

The warmth and beauty of hardwood floors add a touch of elegance to your home. But maintaining their luster requires some TLC. Here are some simple strategies to keep your hardwood floors looking their best: 

Sweeping Superstar 

Dirt, debris, and pet hair act like tiny sandpaper on your floors. Make sweeping your best friend! Aim for several sweeps a week to remove these abrasive elements before they can dull the finish. For an extra dust-busting touch, follow up sweeping with a microfiber cloth for a more thorough clean.

Vacuuming Wisely

Vacuums are fantastic for tackling pet hair and dust bunnies that love to hide in corners. However, choose wisely. Opt for a vacuum with a dedicated hardwood floor attachment. These attachments use softer bristles that won’t scratch your precious floors. Beater bars, commonly found on upright vacuums, are a big no-no as they can leave unsightly marks.

Mop Marvel

Mopping is a great way to remove grime and leave your floors feeling refreshed. But remember, the key word here is damp. Drenching your floors is a recipe for disaster, as excess moisture can warp the wood. For optimal cleaning, use a microfiber mop specifically designed for hardwood floors. Pair it with a hardwood floor cleaner formulated for your specific floor type. If you prefer a natural approach, a solution of vinegar and water can be a gentle yet effective alternative.

Doormat Defense 

The first line of defense against dirt and debris is a trusty doormat. Place doormats at all entrances to trap dirt and moisture before it gets tracked onto your beautiful floors. Choose a doormat with a rubber backing to prevent slipping and ensure it’s large enough to catch most footprints.


Leaving with furry friends and keeping your hardwood floors beautiful is absolutely achievable! With a few proactive steps, like regular cleaning, strategic rug placement, and keeping doggy nails trimmed, you can create a happy harmony for both you and your furry companion. If needed any major help, reach us anytime. 

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