Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing

Get Some Useful Insights on Hardwood Floors

Winter is approaching, and there is no better time to freshen up the look of your home. Look around and see what modifications you can make to alter the appearance of your residence. There are a lot of changes you can make – from changing the color palette and accessories of the house to adding new flooring and furniture. Amidst all this, floor installation requires a bit more time and investment, and it has to be done with the utmost care using the best materials to ensure durability.

You can consider installing hardwood floors in your modern abode. It’s the easiest way to add some appeal and positive vibes, which will make visitors,  exclaim a long wow! If you have decided on hardwood floor installation in Naperville, you should go through the entire blog, as it can help you make the right decision.

Hardwood Floors for Every Room: Things You Need to Know

Wood floors arrive in umpteen styles and patterns, along with different types, like solid, engineered, and laminate. Each type has its own value and advantages, but engineered hardwood floors are effortlessly a top performer in terms of durability, beauty, and resale value.  

Hardwood Floors in the Living Area

One of the busiest rooms on our premises, a living room requires flooring that can handle the daily wear and tear while enhancing the look of your home. Oak and maple hardwood flooring are the two popular choices for living rooms. Oak flooring can elevate the style while being spill-resistant. Whereas maple floors can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen

A kitchen floor is prone to spills – be it water dropping from washed utensils or oil falling out from packs accidentally. Still, you can install wood floors in the kitchen; however, you have to pick the most sturdy option. You can choose any – solid or engineered wood. But, an engineered wood floor is an ideal yet cost-effective choice because it is temperature and moisture-resistant (involves far less swelling and shrinking than other wood floor types when subjected to humidity). It’s advised to consult experts before finalizing any floor for your cook area.

Hardwood Floors in the Laundry Room

Thanks to the new innovative coating products and techniques, it’s now possible to freely install hardwood floors in the laundry room. Engineered wood floor is the right choice as it is the more stable flooring option that can resist humidity and moisture. Besides, you can approach an expert to discuss the different waterproof hardwood floors.

Perhaps you may wonder, ‘can we install hardwood floors in the basement?’

Basements lie below ground level; thus, they are subject to moisture and leaks. So, you should avoid buying solid type and choose the right alternative, which is engineered floors that offer the same look while withstanding the harsh basement conditions. This floor has a hardwood layer at the top attached with durable plywood sublayers that shield the top layer from moisture incursion.

Now, let’s discuss a little about the wood floor installation process.

Removing a carpet and installing new hardwood flooring will surely incorporate whole new vibes at your place. You will only need to decide the time of the floor replacement that suits your family and schedule, as it can lead to little clutter, mess, and dirt in your home.

What preparations do you need to do before the installation work begins

There are a couple of things that you can do to ensure a seamless installation process. Here’s a list

1. Remove all furniture pieces and other accessories from the site.
2. If you have carpets installed, rip them up.
3.  To reduce dust invading the other areas of your house, hang plastic in doorways or cover gaps.
4. Try to keep food sealed and place it in cabinets.
5. Use painter’s tape to seal all cupboards and drawers.

Wood Floor: A Good Choice For Homeowners With Respiratory Issues

These days, people are more health conscious, which is excellent because good health is the most vital asset. Apart from adopting a nutritious diet and exercise, there is much more you can do to stay healthy, such as choosing the right type of flooring, especially if you are asthmatic or suffering from a certain type of allergy.

Hardwood flooring can be a safer choice than other options, such as carpeting. Here are some reasons why-

Do not trap allergens 

Wood floors are known for not harboring pollen and allergen that may be tracked in from outdoors, unlike carpets. This non-toxic flooring option will keep your family safe.

Free from dust and other harmful particles 

Carpets trap dust that cannot be removed altogether; On the other hand, wood floors can be easily vacuumed or swept. In addition, you can utilize eco-friendly floor cleaners to ensure immaculately clean floors.

Less exposure to microorganisms

Carpets are not suitable for areas prone to high moisture, as moist carpets can be the breeding ground for several microorganisms. Instead, installing hardwood floors helps in preventing various health issues.

Most Durable Flooring Option For Families With Pets

Nowadays, the choice of flooring is not only based on the looks alone, but several factors will be considered to ensure longevity and smooth use. If you have a pet, it’s suggested to choose a floor that’s sturdy and scratch-resistant. Hardwood floor is among the most prevalent choices that pet owners too can make but after careful consideration. They must pick the wood that scores well on the Janka Hardness Scale. To avoid scratches and ensure durability, apply robust finishes to form a protective layer that can handle your pet’s nails.

One can install solid hardwood as it can be refinished multiple times, allowing the floors to last for generations. Despite taking sufficient care, if you find several visible scratches, book a service of Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Hinsdale.

You can pick oak, maple, walnut, cherry, hickory, and sycamore as they can withstand day-to-day wear and tear. Besides, you can consult experts to suggest the right flooring considering all aspects, including climatic conditions and individual lifestyles.

How To Keep Your Wood Floors Pest-Free

Pests can be a problem if you have wood floors installed in your home. These invaders can ruin wooden furniture and flooring and may lead to costly repairs. Thus, it’s advised to take precautions beforehand, so here are some tips that can help you keep your floors pest-free.

  • The foremost thing you can do is clean the house rigorously. These pests feed on wood floors – the more food particles on your floor, the more they grow and attract.
  •  The next on the list is to take measures for moisture control. A humid climate softens the wood, which becomes an inviting place for mold, termites, and other insects. Moisture leaks should be repaired to keep the floors dry.
  •  When you buy new furniture, inspect them carefully and make sure it’s fully treated to prevent termites and other pests.
  • Lastly, hire pest control services from time to time as it can help you keep your floors safe and the space free of germs.

These smart tricks will definitely help you to some extent.

Which Is The Best Wood Floor To Install Outside The House

If you are thinking of installing wood floors in your outdoor living space, like decks and patios, it’s crucial to choose the right flooring and species. Here we have mentioned some most popular options for outdoor living spaces.

  • Redwood

Redwood floor is a sturdy option that’s resistant to warping & shrinking and can withstand any unpredictable weather conditions. Thus, it’s an ideal option for outdoor living space.

  •     Mahogany

An extremely beautiful, tight-grained tropical hardwood, which is also very strong and resists rot and pests. The Mahogany floor is a good option for your outdoor oasis that does not require frequent maintenance.  

  •     Cedar

Cedar is best suited for outdoor flooring and exterior siding. It’s naturally resistant to decay and significantly escalates your home’s look.  

  •     Tigerwood

Tigerwood is a versatile wood species that is incredibly strong and resistant to insects and termites. This flooring arrives in several styles and colors, which provides a visually appealing and rich look to your property.

If you are still in a dilemma about the outdoor floor choice, consider approaching experts at Big Bro Hardwood.

The durability of wood floors also depends upon the finishing we have applied. So, here’s a quick comparison of Oil-based and Water-based Finishes based on a few factors.

  •     Smell

The decision of wood finish should not be just based on the appearance factor only but on other elements as well. Water-based finishes have a very little smell, whereas oil-based finishes have a more pungent odor.

  •     Drying time

 No matter the type of finish you are choosing, it’s important to apply a few coats to ensure good protection to your wood floors. Water-based finishes dry much faster; hence, you can apply several coats in a day. On the other hand, oil-based finishes are a little thicker, requiring more time (usually 12-14 hours) for the first layer to dry. Then after, you can apply another one.

  •     Hardness

Since the finish protects the floor from scratches, considering its thickness is certainly important. However, it also depends on how many layers you have applied. Water-based finishes are thinner, requiring a few more layers to achieve the desired level of protection. In comparison, oil-based finishes are thicker but softer and are more susceptible to denting. . 

At Big Bro hardwood, we use eco-friendly waterborne finishes that offer outstanding longevity and are non-hazardous as well. Besides, they don’t turn pale, smell minimal, and also dry quickly.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Before Selling A Home

If you’re listing your home on the market, then you must refinish your wood floors. An appealing floor attracts more buyers, helping you get a good value for your house. Further, it can help-

Makes A Good Impression

Investing money in wood floor refinishing before selling a house is a good idea as it will create a good impression in the mind of buyers, which encourages them to make a decision faster.

Helps To Sell A House Faster

A nice-looking floor attracts buyers, vise-a-versa scratched and worn floors will turn potential buyers off. They will tend to choose an abode with clear, beautiful floors to save time that otherwise would be required for renewing them before shifting.

You can hire us, Big Bro Hardwood, for hardwood floor refinishing in Naperville and the neighboring areas.

Bring Your Dream Floors To Life With Big Bro Hardwood

We, Big Bro Hardwood, welcome all clients to discuss their needs with us. We have been in the industry for many years, delivering customers the happiness they deserve by transforming their stained floors. From hardwood floor installation to refinishing, repairing, and staining, we can do it all! 

We have made an outstanding reputation in the market. Here’s why you can rely on us.

  •     We offer prompt and reliable responses to every client.
  •     Our staff visit your premises and provide no-obligation, free estimates.
  •     We employ a well-trained team who will take care of all your needs; no mediator, sales people, or sub-contractors.
  •     We use technologically-advanced equipment to accomplish the task.
  •     We deliver the best quality services at great prices.
  •     If you find any problem with your new floorings, call us. Our quick customer service ensures your problems get resolved as soon as possible.

A quick view at our proven installation process-

  • We can assist you in picking the right wood floor for your house. Backed by years of experience, we have a sound knowledge of which wood is the right fit for a particular room.
  • If you want, we can assist in existing floor removal.
  • Then, we start preparing your subfloor for the new installation. 
  • Finally, we start the installation process. We will keep you in the loop and update you every step of the way.
  • The last step is final staining and finishing. During this procedure, we take certain measures to prevent dust from flowing into other rooms, like sealing gaps under doorways, covering furniture pieces with plastics, etc.

For assistance related to Hardwood Floor Installation in Lemont and the surrounding areas or refinishing service, feel free to call us at 630 418 4139. We will provide transparent services from initiation to delivery.